Survival Tips

Words from the Wise

“You can’t waste the precious time you have in this life stessing like that. Like for what? You’re just wasting time and energy. Gotta turn this anxiety into a plan.”

-My Wildflower Friend

“Trying and failing (are necessary). And when you succeed it’s like,’Wow, maybe I wasn’t that bad. Maybe I am awesome.’ And I guarantee you that you are”

-One of The Smartest People I Know

“You’re supposed to be unhappy with where you are right now. It keeps you motivated.”

-“Slightly Wiser Than Me” Friend

“I think if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it.”

-Tattoo Aime

“The first year of post grad is like jumping into a cold pool and you’re just really uncomfortable. In the second year the pool is still cold you’re just used to it now.”


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