Blocking Your Blessings

Sometimes the biggest road block in the way of our ultimate success is ourselves.

Why is it that our own brains like to make our lives more complicated by making us believe we can’t do something? That we aren’t worthy of the things we want? That somehow whatever we desire is just too scary for us to even try to achieve?

It really be your own sometimes.

Our brains love to freak us out when the things we want in life are big and great. And because of that, we block our blessings. We psych ourselves out and back away. When the truth is the dreams and goals that scare us the most are usually the ones we should run straight after (cliche, I know).

When I was a kid it was my mom who forced me to do the things that seemed too scary. From trying out for the competition team at my dance studio to enrolling in honors courses for the first time. I was always mortified and she was always the one to shove me right in and say, “You can do this!” Right before those scary moments I would really dislike her. Yet somehow every time she pushed me, I succeeded in whatever it was that was so big and scary.

Now that we’re adults, we have to push ourselves past the fear. Fighting our own negative thoughts. Moving past our own self doubt. The battle with yourself is one of the toughest you’ll face. I have to tell my brain to shut the hell up all the time. Some days she beats me too. And yet, any time I’ve beaten her I have never regretted doing the big scary thing.

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  1. Definitely. Sometimes I literally just talk to myself in the car to work out why I’m feeling stuck or avoiding a responsibility. It surprisingly helps to talk out loud.


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