Finding Happiness Again

Our lives won’t ever be devoid of sad moments, trying times or depression. When the difficult moments enter our lives it feels like they will last forever. It feels like happiness won’t come again and that we’re just stuck in an endless cycle of emptiness.

“Find the things that used to make you happy.” Well that’s a little difficult if you no longer have the desire to do the things that used to make you happy. If we knew exactly the steps to take to make us happy, wouldn’t we already be doing it?

Sometimes it takes a push. Sometimes I think we almost become comfortable with being miserable. For me at least, the idea of happiness feels so foreign it’s almost scary to imagine being happy again. Any happy moment I think I’m experiencing I almost always say to myself, “It probably won’t last long. This is just a fleeting moment you think is actual happiness, it will go away.” Without a doubt I’m preparing myself to feel empty again, without being disappointed that this good feeling I had didn’t last.

I don’t know the exact steps to take to feel true joy within myself again. I tell myself I have to wait for A, B and C events in my life before I’m happy. However, that’s more than likely false. I think I could find a way to be happy again and stop distracting myself with temporary fixes. It will take conscious effort everyday and I’ll have to shake up my routine. Starting with writing again. Maybe I’ll discover new ways to feel fulfilled and content with myself along the way.


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