Quit Your Crying And Be Grateful For 2 Seconds

In the midst of my very negative energy, as of two mintues ago, I decided to focus on all the things that are right in my life. And yeah, I was actually low key crying in bed two minutes ago. I’m highly emotional right now, okay?! It’s easy to focus on the things you’re not happy with if you’ve become used to all the priveleges in your life that seem like a given. But those things aren’t given, they can easily be taken away. So I made a list in my head of everything I’m grateful for. Once I finished, I jumped out of bed to type it all out.

So here it goes

  1. My health
  2. I have both parents with me on this earth
  3. My dad, even though he is sick, he makes baby steps every day towards being better
  4. My mom, who surprisingly hasn’t pressed me too much on what it is exactly I’m doing with my life
  5. The bonus parent I have
  6. The health of my entire family
  7. The amazing group of friends I have who are all supportive
  8. I have a best friend I can be completely candid with about absolutely anything and everything
  9. I have a bachelor’s degree and I had the means to get to college, even if it meant debt
  10. Calling sunny California my home
  11. My car, while hella old, has not failed me
  12. The park across the street that I can jog at if I ever finally decide to get my physical health in check
  13. My internship, while unpaid, provides me with experience and is complete with a team that is both welcoming and encouraging
  14. My job, because better to have one than none at all
  15. All the positive and ridiculously friendly people at my job
  16. My clear skin! lmao
  17. Access to internet and my unlimited data plan
  18. While I’m practically broke, I do still have savings dedicated to paying my loans (thank da lord).
  19. My dog who I direct all my out loud thoughts to
  20. My bed
  21. The free housing my parentals provide me
  22. My bilingual capabilities that let me enjoy melodramatic telenovelas
  23. In addition, Netflix

Twenty-three things I’m grateful for in my twenty-third year. Totally didn’t do that on purpose, but it fits so I roll with it.

I feel a little better so I suggest you give it a go as well.

And if that doesn’t work I guess you can go back to crying. It’s cathartic anyway.

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