Rest in Peace to My Beloved Friend and Fellow Loser

We gathered here today to say goodbye to a graduated loser gone too soon just in time.

She was able to move onward and upward before the 1 year mark of her graduation date. She is in a better place now. What is this better place you may ask? Grad school.

She has been accepted into grad school. She has moved on and successfully shed herself from her loser title. No, she did not actually die. I’m just melodramatic. But hey, this is serious! The Losers of Crown Town consisted of 3 official members and 1 honorary member. And now, there’s just two of us left!

My best friend is going to be starting her program for both a teaching credential and master’s degree. And we are super stoked for her!


Look at her lovely Korean face^

Two things have happened as a result of this exciting change.

1. She has completely vanished from our Losers of Crown town group message


2. It is now a race two the finish between me and my only remaining loser left.

Who will be the last one standing? Only time will tell!

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