Postgrad Life is Too Damn Quiet!

In college we were always looking for some privacy and some god damn peace and quiet. Privacy from the kids talking to below you, quiet from the drunk girls yelling in the middle of the night outside, solitude instead of your roommate bringing over everyone she knew into your room, and definitely silence from whoever was boning in the room directly above yours.


My last year was spent living in a sorority house with almost 30 other girls so I know about loud. Privacy did not exist. Yet for some odd reason after graduation, I began to miss the noise. You no longer get to hear about your roomie’s awful day when she swings open the door and lets out a huge groan. Your office job can seem dead still at times when compared to how much you laughed with your old coworkers in retail. There are no more doors to be heard opening and closing from down the hall, letting you know you’re not the only one who decided to stay during the 3-day weekend.

This is why getting out becomes so important after college. I now understand why adults take their weekends so seriously after a 40 hour week. It’s your time to make noise, let loose, talk up a storm, stretch your legs and explore. When I come from my internship where I’ve more than likely spent 6 or 7 hours in silence, I’m craving loudness. Music is on full blast, tv gets turned on, several phone calls need to be made in order to make up for the deafening roar of silence.

It’s a very odd change to notice; but once you realize it, you can’t ignore it.


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