What am I doing?! Where am I going?!

“What am I doing?! Where am I going?!”-Post grad as described by one of my best friends, Aime. Even though she has a clear idea of her destination, she is still uneasy about getting there.

The best kind of phone calls these days are the ones where we laugh about how daunting this whole process is and marvel at how unprepared we feel.

Aime then asked me, “How is it possible that I have a bachelor’s degree, but I still have to work two jobs?! Why don’t I just have one, nice job with decent pay?”

That question spelled out everything I’ve been feeling but somehow never could see as plainly as I did in that moment. What she said about her situation was so ridiculous we were both hysterical about how unfortunate her life sounded. Funny thing is, what she described is pretty normal.

It’s crazy to think that no matter how much someone may have planned out their future steps, they might still feel uneasy. I know it’s because we often give ourselves little credit; we aren’t ever satisfied with the process of success and much more concerned about the end product of our journey. Working two jobs with a bachelor’s degree will help her get to where she wants to be. Working two jobs makes life challenging and therefore the success more valuable. Not to mention, we can’t all expect to have it simply made for us the second we step out of college. She is actually one of four friends I know with multiple jobs. All of them are determined to get the most out of what they can in this first year graduated from school. They have jobs in their field, side jobs to help the bills and even jobs that cater to their hobbies.

While all these jobs may cause you to feel like you’re all over the place, I think it sustains our movement forward. All these jobs that kick our asses and wear us out are actively building up to something greater.

As my slightly wiser friend, Sheila, told me, “You’re supposed to be unhappy with where you are right now. It keeps you motivated.”

True and it keeps us pushing harder.

In short, asking, “where am I going?” keeps you going.

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