What Fun Is Life If You Don’t Rag On Yourself A Little?

Friends, I begin today’s post with social media’s preferred medium of entertainment:

the Meme.


Some of you may wonder why I have chosen this to particular image as my choice meme of the day…

Sarcasm. Surely you must understand why I have plastered this onto my blog.

I AM EMBER SWEENEY (cue the cries.)

This meme embodies all that I am in my postgrad affairs. Look at her dopey smile. It screams, “Sorry mom and dad, this is the best I can do right now, heh.” I feel you Ember, I do.

My losers friends and I laughed at this when I shared it our group chat. Although we aren’t complete bums doing nothing at home (more like partial bums), we often find self-deprecation amusing.

I am here to tell the rest of you that it’s okay to have an Ember Sweeney phase in your life. Laugh it off, move on, and move out (as soon as you can!)

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