What To Do When You Hit Your Postgrad Funk

Enact the position of the above photo, otherwise…

The hell would I know. I’M in a postgrad funk. It has been a reluctant acceptance. A slow on-coming, creeping in one step at a time. It would poke its head inside the door, change its mind, walk away, and then it ran back into my life, full force as of yesterday. It likes to sleep next to me, keeping me up at night with his internal pillow talk. I should give him a name. Yes it’s a he.

Every college graduate hits a postgrad funk. If you haven’t yet, just wait for it. Or maybe instead, you had a senior year meltdown. I’m not sure which is worse. Unlike the common panic that plagues students in their fourth year, postgrad funk likes to play a bit cooler. He doesn’t send you into hysterics, he doesn’t have you flustering about. He’s the bitch that makes you front with your peers. You act like you’re more or less fine on the outside, but he’s nagging at you inside your head.

“Look at that, your best friend just got hired in her intended career field”

“Wow, he’s applied to so many graduate schools. And he’s been accepted!”

“Do you even know what you’re doing?! Or are you just lying to yourself?”

Postgrad funk keeps you thinking. Postgrad funk might make you cry one day out of the blue, for no particular reason you can see. The only good thing about postgrad funk is that at least you’re away from a lot of your college friends, so they don’t have to know. Postgrad funk will make you want to keep a low profile until you have your shit figured out. Postgrad funk, in my case, has been caused my self-comparison to others and the need for things to move faster. Impatience is holding hands with Insecurity.

Nothing seems to be good enough when you are in a postgrad funk. Sure, you’re living on your own, but you struggle with rent. Big deal you graduated, but now you worry about grad school. You have an internship, but it doesn’t even pay. There’s always a “but.” There’s never satisfaction. You’re always searching for more.

You’ve gained maybe a bit more maturity these last four years, so you recognize that this is temporary and it happens. However, it doesn’t keep the experience from sucking.

So what do you do when you feel stuck? Keep pushing yourself in the direction you think is best for yourself. Do small things that make you happy in your free time. Try your best not to fall into that downward spiral. Wait it out. Keep yourself busy as best you can and one day, you’ll be out of it. Onward and Upward to better things. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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